City Audition Prelim Results

“Fashion is power and it’s empowering for women – It can change the way that women think about themselves and [what they think] they are capable of, but confidence is key. It’s a tricky time, deciding who you think you can be and what you think you can’t.

Today’s Result

You are now one step closer to a rewarding and a worthwhile experience!!
This competition puts its contestants on a memorable path and leaves you with great memories and a defining sense of accomplishment.

    Check the results below:

Selected contestants on 24th Jan from total of 86 Shortlisted applicants. Results are based on Telephonic and Photo Screening Round:

  • Deepika Anand
  • Sutopa Dutta
  • Urvi Shah
  • Arti Nautiyal
  • Swagatika Panigrahi
  • Ahana Mukherjee
  • Reshmi Manek
  • Khushboo Kumari
  • Shivani Lingwal
  • Mayuri Shukla
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    Important Points for the Final Audition Round:
    1) Photocopy of ID and Address proof.
    2) Two Passport size photographs.
    3) Food will not be provided so you are advised to carry some dry snacks to the venue.
    4) Parents, friends and chaperones will not be allowed inside the audition venue. You must inform them.
    Beauty Asia Pageant will not provide for travel and stay expenses incurred by you at this level.


     Avoid colored contact lenses. Judges should be able to see natural eye color.
     Natural contact lenses are allowed
     You are expected to maintain basic hygiene and come groomed and well kempt for the event.
    Please do not fix any other engagements for the same day as the audition round would take time to finish.
     You are also requested not to incur any additional costs at this stage to acquire any dresses, make up, accessories at this stage. Please borrow from friends as far as possible or get the nearest option you have to possess the requirement.
     Please be well presented and well behaved at all times (even if you are just lounging around in
    the hotel). Your appearance, code of conduct shall be noted every day.
     Diva Asia Pageant team is not liable to speak to contestants parents & guardians at any stage. We trust
    that you are over 18 years of age & believe that you can handle things by yourself.

    The finalists will receive a detailed email within 24 hours of auditions.

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